Chapter 1: Addressing a Few Assumptions

Chapter Overview

We all have certain assumptions when it comes to talking about social media which reflect our own experiences. This chapter tackles these assumptions head on. These include the following:

  • Social media is bad
  • Digital Citizenship programs are sufficient to ensure our students are behaving ethically online
  • We shouldn’t use the word “digital”
  • Not everyone has access, not all parents are comfortable
  • Social Media all day, every day
  • Using social media in the classroom will further students’ dependence on it
  • Not everyone needs to change the world

Beyond the Chapter

Vicki Davis tackles a few assumptions in this great article, A Guidebook to Social Media in the Classroom.

Emily Weinstein uses her experience at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Common Sense media to write, Debunking 5 myths about kids and their tech. Nice to see so much of it aligns with what’s in Social LEADia! 🙂

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