Chapter 11: Ignite Students’ Passions

Chapter Overview

Students are moved to digital leadership when they are passionate about a subject or topic.  Makerspaces, Genius Hour, Inquiry-based learning, and other opportunities to ignite students’ passions should be embraced in the classroom. We never know what will inspire a student unless we give them an opportunity to delve into a variety of topics and experiences.

In the Chapter

Karishma Bhagani, young Kenyan inventor shares her story here.

Imagination Foundation  and Google Science at Play

Splice Week Projects

Global Day of Design

Behind the GIFs  Be sure to peruse these for appropriateness. Have students create their own!

Dan Koch’s Help Desk itunes course

Beyond the Chapter

Here is a resource offering some good questions in the context of Pokemon Go: Teaching Digital Citizenship using Pokemon Go  What I like about it is that you can take any pop cultural phenomena and apply it this way.

How tapping Into a Youth’s Identity Can Excite an Interest in Learning

Genius Hour Livebinder resources by Joy Kirr

The 20Time Project book by Kevin Brookhouser

Dive into Inquiry book by Trevor Mackenzie

Empower Book by John Spenser and AJ Giuliani (coming soon)

Let’s Talk About It