Chapter 5: Connecting Students with Meaningful Projects and People

Chapter Overview

This chapter shares multiple examples of how teachers are connecting students to experts and to other students in powerful ways. In all of the examples social media either facilitated the connection or was the source of the connection itself. We have the power to create learning experiences for our students very easily and if we are open to digital leadership.

Chapter Resources

The Connected Student visual by Sylvia Duckworth

The Global Read Aloud, created by Pernille Ripp is a wonderful place to start connecting your students!

Digital Human Library

I have made so many connections via Twitter. This resource, Twitter: Getting Connected I created should help you to do the same. Check out my lists for people to follow or classes to follow.

Skype in the Classroom

Global Audience Project

Get started with this hyperlinked Google Slide Presentation

Let’s Talk About It