Chapter 6: Practice Digital Leadership with the “Other” Social Media Tools

Chapter Overview

In this chapter we talk about other “social media” tools that allow for the same kind of large scale conversations and sharing, while likely being unblocked. 10 years from now (or next year), some of these tools may not exist, but the type of tool (blog, virtual wall, live streaming app, curation tool), etc… continue to provide opportunities for students to practice digital leadership.

Chapter Resources:

Blogging Incognito by Royan Lee

7 Important Questions Before Implementing Digital Portfolios by George Couros

Additional Resources:

Digital Portfolios: The Whole Child, The Whole Story is an excellent resource which includes an overview video (here) and a Google Drive folder (here) with all of the resources including the What, How, & Why of Digital Portfolios.

Blogfolios as learning by Silvia Tolisano

Should my blog be public or private? 

Content Curation Competencies visual

Let’s Talk About it