Chapter 8: Shift from Negative to Positive

Chapter Overview

In this chapter I challenge the idea that as soon as we allow social media into the classroom, we are exposing our students to cyberbullying. Actually 9 year-old Olivia and 13-year old Hannah challenge this idea as well. And yet, negative experiences are possible. This chapter outlines how you can support your students if something negative does happen and how this can be an extremely powerful learning experience.

Chapter Resources

Watch Olivia’s Bullying story here.

From #ICANHELP: How High School Students Can Help (bottom of the page: 20 Activities to Do at School by #ICANHELP) How Middle School Students Can Help

“I Made Kindness Go Viral” Natalie Hampton

Beyond the Chapter

Character Day: A good start

Bystander Revolution

5 Reasons why you don’t have to worry about your teens and Social Media

Diana Hale used The Weird Series books which focuses on stories of standing up to bullies in a traditional sense as a springboard for conversations in her class about online behaviour.

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