Chapter 9: Build Bridges: Crucial Conversations

Chapter Overview

I think the whole book is about crucial conversations, but this chapter in particular tackles a few conversations which I feel are necessary for us to have if we are going to move forward with digital leadership. These are conversations that need to be had at the school level, the District level, with teachers, students, and parents.

Chapter Resources

Copy of RAFTT template  (Google docs) for student use.  Copy of image here.

Case studies for critical thinking and courageous conversations around social media use.

Social Media Team presentation (slightly modified) here.

Sample Letter to Parents

Beyond the Chapter

Tap into strengths of our students: Making Learning Real and Relevant: Student voice in action

5 things you (probably) don’t know about online privacy — but should by World Economic Forum, shared by Donna Fry

Do Students know about Terms & Conditions? Association for Media Literacy offers downloadable posters here. I say it would be even better to have students read through dense verbage to create their own user-friendly posters.

Let’s Talk About It