Chapter 4: Social Media is a Part of Teaching and Learning Today

Chapter Overview

In this Chapter, I make the link between social media and the Curriculum. Specifically, how can social media be used in the service of Digital Leadership when it comes to literacy, media literacy (fake and alternative facts), as well as career studies and entrepreneurship.

Chapter Resources

Media Triangle

SOURCE template and SMELL template for helping students determine authenticity of sources.

Live website I use to teach Digital Leadership and Careers studies (changes constantly as I continue to work with students).

Self-regulation form for teachers; self-assessment form I use with students

Beyond the Chapter

Here is a hyperdoc I adapted to teach fake news in a high school class.

Web Literacy resource shared by Donna Fry shows how many skills kids are actually achieving when they engage in using technology and social media to learn.

The Association for Media Literacy has a good iteration of the media triangle for fake news and some good critical literacy lesson ideas as well.

The Critical Media Project has great resources to assist you with teaching media literacy.  It is aligned to the Common Core.

The Media Literacy website provides an excellent starting point for exploring the Media Triangle and lessons connected to deconstructing media.

Get control of your Notifications by Royan Lee

Let’s Talk About it